November 14, 2018


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Hello, and welcome to Heavy Repping!

My name is John Tron Davidson, and I’m a musician, writer, radio presenter and plectrum enthusiast.

This blog is devoted to plectrums and peripherals that make our guitar playing experience better. I’ve always loved the details in guitar, the little things, so I created this blog to be excited about those things and share them with other people.

The way in which we engage with the world depends on the tools we have, and in my case that means picks. I love the craft, the control they give me over my music, and how unique they are. It makes me feel like I’m in possession of something special, and that in turn helps me face the everyday.

Each one of these items has a special place, a genuine purpose, and was created for a reason. That reason isn’t always clear necessarily, but I keep digging all the same. Don’t forget to subscribe, and talk to me! If there’s a pick company I haven’t caught – and the world is a big place don’t forget – let me know, and I’ll get on it.

Welcome one, welcome all, to Heavy Repping!