HR!’s Top Ten Plectrums Of The Year!

John Tron Davidson
December 31, 2021
December 30, 2021

Attempting to quantify a year like this is almost impossible, but in the interests of science, I have to try. These ten picks represent the items I’ve played the most this year, as distinct from picks that came out this year. Given the nature of scene, I thought it only fair to do it in this format. What follows is the fairest assessment of equipment I genuinely used, in no particular order. Read on immediate!


Honey Royal Jelly Queen Bee
Rick and Drew blew my mind clean out of my body when this thing arrived. My recent article on their changes over the last few months really drove home how stunning this Resin Queen Bee is. There was a lot to choose from Honey, but this is the bee’s knees.

Ace Performance Force Push Prototype
By contrast, Anthony’s Force Push is as plain as a wall and visually unremarkable. Proving unequivocally that looks aren’t everything, this was, without question, the pick I used the most this year. Grippy, comically tough and buoyed by the grinning Ace charm, the Force Push is incredible.

Killy Nonis The Pearl
My. Nonis delivered a number of typically handsome pieces to me in 2021, but the Pearl is a jewel. Made from Galalith and finished to fancy-hotel standards, I’ve been using it for everything besides its intended purpose since I got my hands on it. Gleaming and immaculate.

WooDo W1M
Newcomer David wowed the whole scene when he rocked up with his take on the Richlite medium. One of the first picks I received from him, this W1M has been hammered within an inch of its life. It is directly responsible for me asking him to join the Guild. Next year should be incredible!

Rarely do I find such picks viable, useable items, but the Wirething took up residence in my pocket the day it arrived. The subject of a future Plexicon episode, this odd, awkward thing gave me exactly what a plectrum should – a smile. Hellish to photograph, and truly inspiring.

Pleks Zanna (Celluloid Acetate)
Ah, Pedro. Having previously used such epithets as ‘quiet’ and ‘discreet’, I made a hell of a racket with this unassuming pick this year. As fond as I was of the Delrin version, this Celluloid Acetate piece was second only to the Force Push in the Amount Of Time Spent In Action category. Weird and magical, and I love it.

Meantone ST Sharp
Elegant as a TV king and fast as a cat with the zoomies, Michiel’s pointed ST gave me faith in myself. If my left hand could keep up with the insane speed this generated in my right hand, I must be doing alright. A true asset to the community, and I can’t wait for next years’ work.

Valley Picks Custom
Barbara Hepworth’s keyring got into my rotation in the latter half of 2021. Jean makes some fascinating picks, and although Valley’s own ram’s horn Holy Jazz was hot on its heels, the sheer spectacle of this piece made me want to find extra time to play. Brilliant.

Arcanum Paladin
Rolling a hot 20 out of the gate, my favourite class in RPGs finally came alive in the Paladin. Blunt, tall and needlessly brutish, I’ve never gone into work without this on me, and spent more time staring at it than I should admit. Chirps like mad, hits like a truck. Excelsior!

Moshay Thick
The only true vintage pick on this list because it had already seen active service, the bevel-free Nylon Moshay has become a close friend. Despite its unrefined nature and such heady, perfectly-crafted company, it is a glorious example of the old ways that has unreservedly entered my playing. Actively looking for more!

This list does not include a huge number of things that impressed, startled and melted me this year. The death of Joe Macey, everyone agreeing to join the Guild, 65,000 views on YouTube, crazy amounts of picks sold, the unyielding support of my peers, and more picks than any sane person should own.

The scene is my everything, and despite how difficult this year has been on a personal level, I am honoured to call the Plectroverse my home. 2022 will be even better, and we have each other to thank for that.

All Glory!

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