Top 5 Of The 2nd Quarter

John Tron Davidson
May 6, 2019
February 10, 2021
Clockwise from top: BHL Wizard, Jim Dunlop 420, Hufschmid Anvil, Immortal Revolution. Centre: DawMan Jazz King

It is indeed time for a round-up of the standout picks I’ve had in my hands over the last three months, and what a three months it’s been! Since the last round-up I’ve got to play some picks that have really made me think about what I’ve been using previously, and about the sheer scope of what’s possible in the world of plectra. As ever, this list isn’t in order, and each pick is here for its own reasons, so read the list, check the builders, and investigate them yourself!

Jim Dunlop Flow Series 420
Starting with the biggest, baddest Dunlop, the 420 came into my possession relatively recently, but it made a big impression. I’m a big fan of the Ultex-based Flow Series as I was the Primetone before it, but something about the extra mass of this green steamer made it even more enjoyable. Powerful and composed, the large swept bevel does mean a fair bit of chirp, but I loved it all the same. Blaze it etc.

DawMan Jazz King
The Russians are back at it again with this incredible plectrum. I was almost hesitant to invest in this thermoplastic thumper because it looked so right for my style and I didn’t want to have the illusion shattered, but a couple of lengthy gigs later I can hail to the King without issue. Sticking to my hands like glue and pushing out sweeter, more bass-heavy tones than its Shredline counterpart, this is the heavy business for chord work, and a true personal favourite.

Hufschmid Anvil
Massive and even more imposing in person than it looked online, the Anvil is 10mm of shredding mastery. A white monolith crafted from bespoke material Huftech, it passes through strings like a vengeful wraith, and although some readers might find that double-digit size a bit hairy, it doesn’t feel restrictive in any way – the material is light and ridiculously grippy, and playing other large picks after this felt cumbersome and odd. Plus it’ll likely last forever as even after extended use it looks the same as when I started.

BHL Wizard
Brock delivered to me a rather abundant package a couple of months ago, featuring this 1.5mm Ultem creation. Initially unusually light for my 3mm+ preferences, I spent an enormous amount of time with the Wizard, reveling in its grip, resilience, and lack of string noise. It made me want to play differently – more dramatically with loads of neck-pickup action, and became one of my daily go-to’s. Great value and beautifully finished, my only regret is knowing that I have to try the Wizard Pro to satisfy my curiosity. Oh no.

Immortal Instruments Revolution
Making its way to HR! towers all the way from Iran and coming in the fanciest packaging I’ve ever received, the Revolution is 3mm of immaculately-finished glow-in-the-dark Acrylic that manages to be understated and utterly glorious at the same time. Tremendous beveling and claw-like grip meant I was soon spending hours with it, and although there were other picks in the box, the Revolution was such a beast that they’re getting a breather – for now. Magnificent, and you can check out the video I did on this pick here.

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