The perfect guitar pick should be an extension of yourself,  enabling the music to channel through you with ease. The player at one with the instrument. The guitar pick is the often overlooked interface between the player and their instrument. The ideal tone is a combination of many aspects…the wood and steel of the guitar, the pick-ups, the amplifier, the individual touch of the player and the attack of the pick or fingers. That ‘ideal tone’ of course is subjective and many players search for years for the ‘Holy Grail’ of the perfect tone.

Zen Guitar Picks are designed and handcrafted in Lancashire, in the North of England.  Available in four main sizes and a combination of bevels and point options. When experimenting with existing guitar picks, along with Zen prototypes, we discovered that a significant proportion of the tone is in the shape, construction and bevel at the point of the pick. A thicker angled bevel gives a softer attack, whereas a thinner honed point gives a sharper, brighter tone. This in combination with the shape of the pick tip means a pick of the same size and material can give a dramatically different tone.      

Among the main construction materials available at present are Acrylic, Resin, Kirinite, Celluloid, Casein, Juma and Elforyn.  If there is something specific or unusual you require in materials or construction please feel free to contact Zen for a chat.

Each Zen Pick is individually cut, carved and polished by hand. No two picks are exactly the same, each one a ‘one off’… A combination of artistic expression and focused practicality. 

Zen Guitar Picks