Although it might not look like it at first glance, our pick is made of 100% renewable, plant-derived raw material and is fully biodegradable. You can simply throw away our environmentally friendly alternative with your organic waste after it eventually wears down. At the same time, our eco pick is harder and more resistant to abrasion than wooden picks. Basically, it’s a plastic plectrum without plastic.

Due to the natural material we use, each individual pick has an individual grain. Each plectrum has thus been produced according to a standardized process and is at the same time unique.

For the sake of the environment and to meet our high quality standards, our picks carry the “Made in Germany” label. Both the raw material and the picks themselves are manufactured in Germany in modern, energy-saving plants.

Absolutely no plastic is used in our production process. Unlike wooden plectrums, Pigtrum picks are made from biopolymers rather than tropical wood, as well as vegetable waxes and fibers. The main ingredient is lignin, a so-called “waste” substance which accumulates by the millions of tons during wood pulp production every year and often simply gets burned. Instead, we prefer to use it for making our picks.

Pigtrum picks thus protect the environment and are also physiologically harmless. When using a Pigtrum pick, the pick dust created by the abrasion of playing is no longer a microplastic being released into the environment. Your lungs, your family and your hog will be thankful for it.

Choose Pigtrum picks and do your bit to make the world a little better.