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A unique piece of the PickPlus story is our Progressive Learning Program, the first of its kind for guitar picks.

With three distinct models and an evolutionary design concept, you can choose where to begin based on your experience playing.

If you are new to the guitar or have trouble using regular picks, then start with the longest handle model, the Standard + model and, from there, you will play using that until you feel comfortable enough to move on to the next modelthe Pro model with the slightly shortened handle.

Again, you will play with the Pro model until you feel comfortable enough to switch to the final modelthe Elite. This has the shortest handle and is the closest design to a standard pick we offer. Once you are comfortable with the Elite Model, you are ready to go and try other pick designs as well, having gained the experience and confidence by playing through the PickPlus progressive learning program.

One benefit of having three different, but evolutionary models is that you can step in on any model based on your comfort level and begin playing. If you’ve got experience playing and don’t drop picks but they move around in your fingers too much, try the Pro or Elite model first to more closely resemble your current experience. Yes, there is a slight difference in some of the grips possible with the PickPlus guitar picks but your playing experience will be as well.