Established in 2015 as a factory brand of Ikeda Kogyo Co., Ltd., the only domestic guitar pick factory founded in Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture in 1967.
We have developed the technology of “IKEDA PICKS”, which has been shipping OEM guitar picks to Japan and other countries around the world for over 50 years, as our own product.
MASTER 8 JAPAN’s biggest mission is to “maximize the possibilities of guitar picks, which are the smallest and simplest ‘instruments'” .
We propose to all musicians that guitar picks can create deeper sounds.
There are many manufacturing processes for this small instrument, which completes all processes in-house, and expert knowledge and technology are poured into each section.
A guitar pick that touches the string, which is the starting point of the sound, is a factor that influences the sound make-up.
The guitar pick is an extension of the artist’s body. We believe that using better-fitting picks directly connects playability and creativity, and expands the range of expression in live performances and recordings.