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The HR! Collection

The Heavy Repping! collection is here. Hand-made and finished to the highest possible degree, HR! picks are born out of a deep love for the Plectroverse as a whole.

Since the beginning of this adventure I’ve thought about making my own picks. I wanted to make sure I was bringing something new to the table, and this meant a huge amount of prototyping, listening to and learning from my peers, and endless testing.

Working in a number of mediums the plectrums presented here are available variously in Corian, Acrylic, Kirinite, Ebony, Casein, Galalith, Richlite, Polyester Resin and others.

Chiefly rendered in 3-6mm as I’ve found this to be the Goldilocks zone not only for the shapes I make but for generating maximum power, tone and effort reduction.

All picks here are roughed out on belt sander then shaped by hand with sandpaper and files. 

All Glory To The Plectroverse.