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Bog Street

Bog Street designs and manufactures accessories and clothing designed to amplify the guitar playing experience through exceptional products.

Players that use a pick, understand that this simple tool is a critical link between the fine articulations of the player’s hand and the guitar strings. However, the guitar pick has remained virtually unchanged since they started gaining popularity in the 1920s.

Even companies that have been around for generations have essentially been selling slight variations of the same concept for decades. So why hasn’t this low-tech tool seen any notable innovation since inception? Why has it been treated as a cheap throw-away commodity when it’s such an important tool for the musician?

Every guitar player is a unique individual. We all have different hand sizes, grip styles, skill levels and musical preferences. We’re all different. So it doesn’t make sense that we would all use the same basic design that was conceived in the last century. We believe there’s something to be gained from a modern approach to design that starts with a fresh set of assumptions.

With all due respect to tradition, it’s time to modernize the humble guitar pick using the science of ergonomics and a human-centered design methodology to bring something new to the table. A “human-centered” design methodology means that our products are not built on top old assumptions, but designed around research, prototyping, testing and challenging conventions.  Design is a tool for solving problems. And the solution starts with the needs of the player, rather than the patterns of the past.