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Acoustik Attak

Acoustik Attak’s patented (U.S. Patent No. 11,170,744 B1) Attak Pik guitar picks have raised structures on their tips. With a single pluck of a string, these structures produce a pattern of multiple strikes which produces a series of waves at different times. This results in a greater complexity in wave action when compared to that produced from traditional picks. In turn, Attak Piks lead to various sound enhancements such as desirable harmonics, tone brightness, and percussive effects.

Acoustik Attakā€™s team of clinicians includes New York-based guitarists Brian Goss and Ed Grossman, and Southern California-based producer and sound engineer Jason Mariani. Collectively, their credits include work with the group Mumford & Sons, guitarists Joe Bonamassa and Steven Van Zandt, and singer Kenny Loggins.

The guitarists experimented with the new Acoustik Attak designs, eventually recording with them and sending the results to Mariani for his spectral analysis. Goss, for one, described going back to standard flat picks as dull by comparison after trying the Attak and Ambush models.