Wild Plectrums PEEK Performance Guitar Pick (3 picks)


PEEK guitar picks

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SixStringers PEEK Performance Wild Plectrums

Maestro Pack (3 picks) 1 each @ .6mm + .73mm + .86

Speed, accuracy, tonal balance, clarity, volume to spare, near nil pick noise, super long life.
PEEK performances for both live performance and studio recording.
Four strike points, 4 picks in 1.

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PEEK guitar picks
SixStringers PEEK Performance Wild Plectrums

(3 picks) 1 each @ .6mm + .73mm + .86mm

Get more out of your guitar with SixStringers Wild Plectrums
Blazing Accurate Speed, balanced dynamic range, rich clear tone, excellent volume, and near nil pick noise make PEEK Performance Wild Plectrums the true Player’s Guitar Pick.

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Exceptional durability for a year or so of daily play. (Not if the edges are shredded)

Made for live performance and studio recording.
Handmade in Gardnerville, NV. USA

Material: PEEK is an aerospace hi-spec engineering Self-lubricating polymer. 
Roy of GuitarPickReviews.com describes PEEK like this:
“PEEK, or by its less popular name, Polyether ether ketone, is a high-performance plastic used to produce parts for the aerospace, automotive, and chemical industries. Oh, and guitar picks.
Even though it sounds warmer than I expected, its texture is a bit rough, helping the attack shine with a bright burst. It’s a very fun pick to play, and being this tough, I even enjoyed the thinner gauges. In fact, I think this is the perfect pick for songs that require both strumming and playing lines.”

Four Ways To Play: Four picks in one:
There are four different surface area striking points, each produces a different depth of tone.
Ergonomic geometry makes it naturally easy to switch from one point to another on the fly.

Wild Plectrums are like having an effects pedal built into your pick.
Unplugged acoustic or jacked electric, Wild Plectrums are the Game Changer for guitar picks.

Model: PL1253X1
Artisan Hand Made in Gardnerville, NV. USA
Pat Pend

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