The Wolcott Fig. 7, vintage green Calico French Galalith, Manhattan style terraced grip with central pillar, 2.9mm


The Wolcott Fig. 7, vintage green Calico French Galalith, Manhattan style terraced grip with central pillar, 2.9mm

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The Wolcott fig. 7 – a lovely rounded shape spotted in a technical publication from 1938. Very balanced shape, almost round, it obviously has its roots in the very round mandolin shapes, but the added point makes this pick relevant, even today.

This almost circular plectrum feels balanced and is at ease in any material, here in green Calico vintage French Galalith.

32.5 x 30.2mm, it is fairly large, offering plenty of surface for grip, aided by the terraced grip structure, that offers central orientation and more texture without getting in the way.

Fancy trying out a new grip?
Manhattan Style

If you know your early soldering techniques, you’ll recognise that name.
This grip leaves a high rise where the grip hole would be. The high rise adds rather massively to the grip…


This material, known as Galalith is a modern manufacture of a historic synthetic plastic material produced by the interaction of casein (a milk protein) and formaldehyde. Invented in 1893 and first commercially produced in 1900, its trade name is derived from the Greek words gala (milk) and lithos (stone). It is odourless, insoluble in water, biodegradable, non-allergenic, antistatic and virtually nonflammable. Talk about environmentally friendly and sustainable. It also is a joy to work with and polishes up to a lovely transparent deep sheen. What’s not to like? And, true to its heritage and composition, Galalith’s tone is slightly mellower and rounded than that produced by its more recent brethren Kirinite, Juma, and epoxy, but offers great clarity and definition.

Galalith comes in many colours and patterns. The modern manufacture of Galalith is still very much alive, in the jewellery and hobby segment, and in the manufacture of Rosary beads. NOS (New Old Stock) material can also occasionally still be found. Mechanically the new and old manufacture Galaliths are 100% similar, whereas visually the NOS material tends to be more subtle and refined in its patterning.

This rather odd, flowery Calico-pattern Galalith is of contemporary French manufacture, ca. 1930s. A very interesting, quite rough calico pattern in a deep amber resin ensures striking visuals in a very tough-wearing plectrum.

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