Bog Street Mix Pack (15 Picks)


This mix pack contains one of each of the Bog Street Pick designs (15 picks total), excluding the Ultem models.

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NEOS Axe Series Picks (9 Picks)

The Axe Series picks have been thoughtfully designed and meticulously engineered to maximize comfort and control through our patent-pending ergonomic designs. The new grip pattern provides a unique feel and added security to prevent unwanted pick rotation and slippage.  The curved form is designed for optimal comfort and the center hole allows contact between the player’s index finger and thumb for improved feel and control.

Material: NEOS

  1. AXE CUT LIGHT: .5mm flat tip and two 1.5mm rounded chisel tips. 
    Color: (Black Pearl)

  2. AXE CUT MEDIUM: .6mm flat tip and two 2mm rounded chisel tips.
    Color: (Clay Red)

  3. AXE CUT HEAVY: 1.6mm flat tip and two 3mm sharp chisel tips
    Color: (Electric Blue)

  4. AXE BLADE LIGHT: .5mm flat tip and two 1.5mm sharp chisel tips
    Color: (Mint Green)

  5. AXE BLADE MEDIUM: .6mm flat tip and two 2mm sharp chisel tips
    Color: (Candy Apple)
  6. AXE BLADE HEAVY: 1mm flat tip and two 3mm sharp chisel tips.
    Color: (Dusk)
  7. BATTLE AXE LIGHT: Three 1.4mm sharp chisel tips.
    Color: (Ashes Grey)
  8. BATTLE AXE MEDIUM: Three 2mm sharp chisel tips
    Color: (Purple Haze)
  9. BATTLE AXE HEAVY: Three 3mm sharp chisel tips
    Color (Deep Blues)

 Axe Series Textured (3 picks)

The Axe Series textured picks feature an edge-to-edge textured to create a grip-friendly slip-resistant feel. The textured edges are designed to give extra volume and attack from the strings while still offering smooth string release and a unique tone.

Material: NEOS

  1. AXE CUT (Med): .6mm flat tip and two 2mm sharp chisel tips
    Color (Orange Fuzz)
  2. AXE BLADE (Med): .6mm flat tip and two 2mm sharp chisel tips
    Color (Slime)
  3. BATTLE AXE (Med): three 2mm sharp chisel tips
    Color: (Purple Haze)

 LEAP Series (2 picks)

The LEAP series picks feature an aggressive grip solution in a patented ergonomic design and 3 different thicknesses. 

Material: Nylon (white / natural)

Lead model 
Features 3 sides designed for those that prefer a thicker pick.
1.5 mm Jazz Style pick | .96 mm heavy | .73 mm medium
Rhythm model 
Features 3 sides designed for those that prefer a thinner to medium-thick pick.
.8 mm thick | .7 mm medium | .45 mm thin

 Mini Beast: 1 Pick

The Mini Beast is a 3-sided Jazz style pick with an aggressive grip solution design for pinch style grips.  This pick is designed to give players added control and grip security 

Material: Glass-Filled Nylon (black)

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