346 Thinline, Catalin Bakelite, 3.25mm


Thinline Tuesday is now officially a thing. Meet the 346 Thinline plectrum in a plethora of materials. 

The f-hole is of course nothing new… its shape and placement have been crucial to tone since time immemorial in violins, cellos and other bowed instruments, but it took the classically trained eye of Fender/Rickenbacker luthier Roger Rossmeisl to add an f-hole to an electric guitar. 

Meant initially as weight relief, the semi-hollowing out of solid body guitars and adding an f-hole gave these semi-hollow, or ‘Thinline’ guitars a whole new voice, sensitive to subtle nuances in its strings’ vibrations, and moving air in a completely new way for solid-body guitars. 

The f-hole in the Thinline 346 plectrum is modelled after the the f-hole in my very own MIM Fender Cabronita, to this day one of my favourite guitars. 

So go look for that open, acoustic sound when you use this 346 Thinline, go look for new ways to move the air, go feel the weight relief. 

I was taught from a very young age that it was definitely not cool to carry your classical guitar by grabbing the soundhole, and similarly, carrying a Thinline by its f-hole. Upon pain of severe punishment. But with the 346 Thinline plectrum, here’s your chance to use an f-hole for its grip!

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Catalin Bakelite

Catalin is a phenolic resin, similar to Bakelite (developed in 1907 by the Belgian chemist Leo Baekeland in Yonkers, New York), but Catalin contains different mineral fillers that allow the production of lighter colours.

Catalin was developed and trademarked in 1927 by the American Catalin Corporation of New York City, when the patent on Bakelite expired that year.

Catalin is heavy, quite greasy in feel, and as hard as brass. Catalin picks offer a strong, bright, and balanced tone.

Unlike other phenolic resins, Catalin, called at the time “the gem of modern industry”, does not contain fillers, such as sawdust or carbon black, but is transparent, rather than opaque, and can be coloured in bright colours or even marbled. This characteristic has made Catalin more popular than other types of Bakelite for consumer products.

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Catalin Bakelite




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