All Glory To The Plectroverse – News & More!

John Tron Davidson
July 16, 2021
July 16, 2021

Today is a very special day.

Since the HR! shop was launched in March, we’ve sent out 500 of the world’s finest picks to 22 countries around the world. From Serbia to Switzerland, Ireland to Turkey, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Malta, Poland, the work of our phenomenal makers has crossed the globe.

We have 22 makers operating across 80 different materials. Acetate to PVC, Jackfruit to Boxwood, Surfite to Celluloid, Bone, Steel, Plant Polymers and more. The work that these makers have done, and the community that’s been created around the picks is nothing short of incredible.

New Additions
Today we also welcome our most recent addition, Timber Tones, into the Guild. HR! is now a dealer for these fine picks, and I’m thrilled that we’re able to offer them to the community. Currently available in 4-to-a-tin form, the line at HR! incorporates wood, horn, bone and resin, each with their own fancy tin. Welcome indeed!

I’m also very pleased to announce the brand new line of pieces from excellent German maker Pigtrum. Tibor has slaved away over the hottest, toughest plants to bring you the Wrazze III, Troink and new Butt range in both Super Eco and Extra Resistant. These are available in packs of three, so get in immediate.

More Things
The coming months hold a lot of excitement for the community. I’ve got a bunch of podcasts in the wings, things are approaching regularity with the day job, and social posts are easier to manage. I Rest My Case will feature more prominently as the restrictions change, more reviews are coming, and everything is improving behind the scenes.

The site is also getting a fresh coat of paint, streamlining everything and making it even easier to navigate. It’s been an ongoing task to make it look as slick as possible, and we’re getting there!

You, The Community
Honestly, the whole thing is impossible without you, the pick community. I’m still floored by the thousands of messages, finds, shares, likes and interest that everyone takes in this amazing scene. I couldn’t be more proud of the makers, or of all of you, for continuing to support this endeavour. You are the Plectroverse, not just the picks that inhabit it, and this is your site as much as anything. Infinite thanks!


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