A Deeper Focus – SATSUMA3042

John Tron Davidson
April 9, 2021
March 23, 2022

In part two of his ongoing series, pick collector and Japanese music enthusiast Chuck Kirby sits down with shred-tastic musician Satsuma3042 to get an insight into his picks, playing, and techniques. Take it away, Chuck!

1. At what point in your guitar playing career did you really start to focus on what type of pick you were using, and what were you looking for in a pick that would really help you to create your style as you wanted it to be?

When I was 25, I found an easy-to-play pick that suits my play.

2. Tell me about the gauge of the pick that you prefer and if you prefer a certain shape.

I like teardrop type 1.00-1.5mm

3. Do you have a preferred brand of pick?

I have my signature picks.

4. Is there a preferred material that your favorite pick should be made of?


5. Please describe how you grip the pick and if you have more than one method of grip and how you change the grip to use different techniques if that’s part of your repertoire.  

I always keep the pick horizontal to the strings.

6. Some players incorporate finger style picking techniques while concealing the pick in their palm or fingers and then bring it back into use during a song.  
Do you use the pick to create special effects such as scraping the strings, or using the edge for tapping techniques, or other unique effects that you like to incorporate?

I play by quickly rubbing a pick against the strings.

7. Some players change strings after every gig, or quite often.  Do you put a lot of wear on a pick before switching to a new one, or do you reach for a new one after just a short period of use?

I used to like picks that I used to use, but now I use new ones for pick scratches.

8. Do you only use one type of pick regardless of what type of guitar, or song that you may be playing?  
If you use other types of picks, please describe them as well.

I always use one type of pick.

9. Are you, or have you been working with a particular pick maker to make a pick that meets your personal needs and specifications, or do you simply buy off the shelf in the gauge, shape, and brand that you prefer?

Since 2018, I have a Japanese musical instrument store “Ishibashi Musical Instrument” make a “SATSUMA 3042 signature pick”.

10. If you order custom picks from a pick maker, do you have special printing applied to your pick such as your name or signature and the band logo if you’re in a band?

I’m already using such a pick.

11. Many artists are known to have custom printed picks made with their names, band names or logos, and even photos printed on the picks.  
If you have that done, do you also use those same picks to play with, or do you use those primarily for promotion and to give to fans?  

I use my own model pick and give it to my fans after guitar play.

12. How much importance do you place upon your selection of the pick that you use on creating your style and sound and if it’s as important to you as your choice of strings, and other gear?

I think the thickness and shape of the pick are important.

13. Do you have any other opinions or thoughts on your picks, or anything else guitar pick related?

I used to think that “picks can be roughly anything”, but now when the thickness, material and shape of the picks all match,  I can play great guitar.

Follow Satsuma3042 on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/user/SATSUMA3042

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